Small scale production and design of original origami paper lampshades, since 2010

The story behind Studio Snowpuppe’s lampshades is about the fascination of paper and light. Energy-saving light bulbs have become very popular in Europe but the problem is that the light they give is just not very nice and quite cold so it’s not a light you want in your living environment. Once the light filters through paper it changes and becomes cosy and nice to live with especially in the light-deprived winter months in Middle and Northern Europe. This was the starting point in 2010 for Nellianna and Kenneth, the two designers behind Studio Snowpuppe who experimented with paper diamond shapes and developed the origami paper lampshades.

The Chestnut lampshade was inspired by Chestnuts and has a cornered outside and a curved inside that you would not expect when looking at its outside. Studio Snowpuppe compares it to the first time you open a chestnut and see that it is very round and curved on the inside.

The Signature lampshade is folded out of three huge pieces of parchment paper. It arrives folded in a tube-like shape and “falls” into the ball shape by itself.

Nellianna and Kenneth make sure that each lamp is made with great attention and love, in order to offer you a high quality lampshade that can spread happiness through your home.

Kenneth is an industrial designer with a passion for natural materials and natural proportions. He feels that using natural proportions in designs has the ability to connect people back to nature.
Nellianna is an architect who is passionate about working with paper and wood. She likes to contribute to the world's wellness by sharing the joy that she feels while designing and making lampshades.
Ayla and Juni are their cats. They teach Nellianna and Kenneth the art of being.
We hope to make you smile and brighten up your living.

Thanks to paper lover Linda Thalmann from Paperphine for the text.

You can read more about us in this Featured shop article on Etsy:

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